About Jennifer




Jennifer Durand grew up north of San Francisco where she took her first yoga class at age 18 in Ukiah City Park. 12 years later she became an instructor, and 24 years after that, she is still happy to be teaching.

Highly trained by Dawn Summers in Viniyoga, Kate Holcombe and Chase Bossart of The Healing Yoga Foundation, and the late TKV Desikachar, Jennifer teaches yoga in a sensible way that is safe and effective for the students with whom she is working.  Yoga is not one size fits all, and must always be customized, even in a group class.  Students are encouraged to find their own path, both in the studio and in the real world.  This is what sets Jennifer's teaching apart from many others.

Jennifer believes the goal of yoga— feeling better— is accomplished through creating strength and flexibility, by instilling and cultivating clarity, and by creating a sense of trust with each of her students as together they find and eliminate sources of suffering. 

As well as being the founder and owner of The Tea & Yoga Society, Jennifer is also the creator of The Yoga Garden Game and the Yoga Garden Music, Dance & Yoga program.