2017 Might Be Challenging

I keep reminding myself that we’re all just trying to get to the top of the mountain, in our own particular way.  Some of the paths I see folks taking make sense to me, and some of those paths I really do not understand.  But if everyone chose exactly my way, it would get mighty crowded!

Even my own road gets long sometimes what with all the landslides and rattlesnakes and dissenting opinions blocking the way, and the mud holes, blowholes and rickety rackety bridges, but all of them lead to the same destination: the top.  We all want to be happy, we just have very different and personal ways of expressing it and getting there.

I’m so often forced to take detours.  Forced to let go of my original road map and go around the fallen tree.  That’s okay as long as I don’t let myself get too distracted.  The fear is that we become so obsessed and dismayed with the detours and bad news (more roadblocks!) that we became somewhat paralyzed with anxiety, and lose our way entirely.

Let’s not let that happen.  Let’s turn off the news every so often and hang onto our personal North Stars, our inner guiding lights.  If we can just stay on track, even when the going gets rough, we will be better prepped for the next event, good or bad.  Even while we are paying close attention to those other, less understood paths, we mustn't lose sight of who we are and the things we love to do, or we won't be able to act with clarity when we are called upon to do so.

Seeking inner calm and happiness is every bit as vital as paying attention to the political world. When we have done our practice with consistency, when we go for our walks and take time to be with friends... things make more sense, and we can see how and when to act.  We maintain direction.

Life doesn't always go as planned- from trying to get to bed at a certain time to getting the perfect job- and neither will many things in the new year that’s stretched out in front of us.  But much of it, by golly, will go our way and whether we summit or not, that we will celebrate!

jennifer durand