Develop your Practice!

This past month while I was recovering from those wacky PRP injections, my practice was by necessity very pared down and specific.  It was easy to do and quick.  15 minutes in the morning before I started teaching and BOOM! Done. 

 Most of you have a private customized practice that I’ve given you.  Why not take a chance on doing at least the first bit of it every day and see what happens?  Let go of why you don’t have time and just focus on one or two of your exercises.  And DO them, every single day. 

In this straightforward way, you can establish the healthy habit of a daily practice without the pressure of doing the whole darned thing. My guess is that by the time May 31 rolls around, you will have added a few, if not all, of the exercises into your morning practice.

 The goal is simply to do one or two poses, and get the feel of establishing a new routine.  Discover what you like about your practice and what you don’t like; explore the things that make you feel stronger, looser or more centered.  

 Just start where you are, and see where you go.  And for those of you with a firmly established daily practice, take a day off and go have a latté!

 (with thanks to my friend Jennifer Brown

jennifer durand