About Jennifer Durand

 Jennifer’s unique classes integrate several different aspects of yoga-- asana (physical postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), and philosophy-- into one accessible lesson.  This approach benefits body, breath and mind.

Her teaching style encourages students to find their own path, both in the studio and in the real world.  Jennifer focuses on the importance of adapting yoga poses to the needs of the individual, and on the link created between body, breath and mind.  Classes are good-natured and non-competitive.

 Jennifer is the founder and owner of The Tea & Yoga Society and the creator of The Yoga Garden Game and the Yoga Garden Music, Dance & Yoga program.  She continues to study and teach at The Healing Yoga Foundation with her teachers, Kate Holcombe and Chase Bossart


About Yoga

The practice of yoga helps create balance in the body and the mind.

By gaining physical strength and flexibility, we can feel better.  We may even sleep better, and have greater productivity in daily life.

Emotionally, yoga helps us  to remain free from the agitations of others so that  we have more energy, tranquility and compassion.

Come join us.  Just start where you are, and see where you go!


Jennifer Durand, founder

Tony Miller, assistant teacher