Exciting News!

In an unusual move, The Tea & Yoga Society has merged with Bacardi, Inc to create the Bombay Gin & Yoga Society.  In bringing previously disparate groups to the table, or even under it, we can all learn about and enjoy two previously segregated activities.

Following are the new Studio Rules.

1.     We remain located in the Richmond District of San Francisco.

2.     No longer any need to fill out a waiver, as we are a trust based operation.

3.     Pay what you like—what am I worth?  For that matter, what are YOU worth?

4.     Feel free to bring your dogs, cats, or small rodents.  If you are allergic to animals, this will help you to build your   immune system.

5.     Perfumes and strongly scented lotions are such a delight to us all.  Feel free to douse yourself with abandon.

6.     If you are ill, push yourself a bit and come to class.  Don’t be such a sissy.

7.     Really nice athletic shoes and/or Manolo Blahnik pumps will now be required in all classes. 

8.     Please never text, call or email me with questions.  You know how much I hate that. 

9.     Chatting in class is strongly encouraged.  Don’t mind me.

10.   Yes! As a matter of fact, gin is offered at all private sessions, and often at group classes.  



jennifer durand